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The Divine Diva's Creed


From Earth's Farthest Reaches - From Every Corner of Earth We Come. North, South, East and West. We are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends. We are Women of the World, as different as Night and Day - Coming Together on Common Ground. Forged From Diversity - We are Every Color, Race, Religion and Creed. We speak every language and practice every ritual. Our Beliefs are widespread, and respected by one another. We are Non-Prejudiced By CHOICE. Finding Solace Together - We are there for one another. Through thick and thin, We are together. We will support one another and love one another for our individuality. We are companions and friends, in the True meaning of the Words. We Stand as One - We Stand Together. We support one another in our Causes, Triumphs and Tribulations. We are One Entity. We are a group of Powerful Women supporting one another in Life. I may Not Agree With What you Say... But I will defend to my Death your Right to say it.


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